A Daughter’s Love

“Again, Papa, again!” “Sumi, enough beta. I’ve already read the book to you thrice. It’s 10:30 - go to sleep.” “Last time, Papa, pleeeeease... just one more time. I promise.” Sumi’s big brown eyes pleaded with invincible intent as she stared directly into Prakash’s loving gaze. They lay in her bed for the nightly ritual... Continue Reading →

The Gift

This story was written to the word prompt - Awake. A big thanks to Did You Write Today for the nudge and opportunity to create and write a story each week.                  The Gift.  “Twenty years we’ve been married, Amit! Twenty years! And you are still clueless about what... Continue Reading →

Poornam- Complete

This post is written to the word prompt "Complete" in a weekly contest organized by DYWT (Did You Write Today?) FB group. Though I do not know much Sanskrit, when I read the prompt, the shloka "Poornamadah Poornamidah" was all I could think of. I could hear the words reverbrating in my core. Poornam stands... Continue Reading →


First published in INFINITHOUGHTS -SEP. 2019                                                 The Jacket. On a blustery winter morning, I shuffle my booted feet and rub my gloved palms together as I wait at the light rail station in uptown Charlotte. The wisp of heat the friction generates does not appease my body, which yearns for warmth. Even under layers... Continue Reading →

The Making of a Diva

                                                           The Making of a Diva. I gazed into the mirror, at my reflection, and let the vision from the eye that was open fall upon the kohl lined one that was shut. The blue grey shades of the eye shadow shimmered lightly on the canvas of my eyelid, bordered by the thick black line... Continue Reading →

Good Thing, Bad Thing, Who Knows?

  Published in Infinitithoughts - September 2018                      My family moved to Charlotte five years ago from Pune, India. It was a herculean move that drained every ounce of my energy. I left behind a treasure trove of love and connections. Family I dearly loved and friends old and new who filled my life with laughter. The... Continue Reading →


    Imagine yourself at the venue of the National Spelling Bee in Washington, DC. You are in the audience seated at the edge of your chair, palms sweaty, brows furrowed and heart thumping. The air is rife with nervous excitement. It is the final round and your child is up on stage with a... Continue Reading →

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