Mr. Fisherman and Mr. Brown

This poem is dedicated to all the victims of hate crimes, the innocent who have dedicated their lives to this country and are frisked, questioned because they are colored, children who have known no other place as their home and have been asked to go back to where they came from. Yet this dedication would also be incomplete if I did not mention all the beautiful people who have welcomed immigrants with open arms, embraced us and our culture and who make want to be an integral part of this great country.

We all know not every person of color is a terrorist and not every white person is a supremacist. Every day we come across people from all walks of life, from different backgrounds who are truly wonderful. Doctors, teachers, actors and leaders who fight for what is right.

Then why do we hate? Together if we rise we will be able to conquer every evil force in the world. Our leaders need to use words that evoke the Grillot and destroy the Purinton within each of us. Fear is never the key

Mr. Fisherman, HELP!
I am Mr.Brown,
Lend me a hand, quick,
else I will drown.
I swim alone,
in murky waters of hate,
Waves of terror rise,
they do not abate.
Hurry Mr. Fisherman,
The sun sets soon,
And shadows of evil
around the horizon loom.
The terrain is treacherous,
just look around,
fins slice through the seas,
Great whites abound.
Menacing teeth, jaws open wide,
my pores soaked in dread,
I am terrified.
Please Mr. Fisherman, reel me in,
drench me with warmth
make me feel safe within.
WAIT! WAIT! Don’t shoot me,
I am not a shark,
That is my arm, not a fin
though it is just as dark.
(OH, but Mr. Fisherman,
Why did I ever ask for your help?)
Up close, The disgust in your eyes
tells me what is true,
The murk in the waters,
is just a reflection of you


  1. Very well written ! The angst comes thru! From a reluctant immigrant to a fierce national – the transition in the ladies who leave their own beloved land with its dents and flaws , to share their lives with their partners , in a country of supposed plenty – for years and then this hate comes up from apparently nowhere!!! Well put mommyhooddiaries!!

  2. Vidya u ecpress so well.. It’s really sad to see the hate crime murder of Mr Shrinivas.. really iappeal to the people try to live in peaceful ways…. We are living in an educational environment such murderous events make us barbaric…. Are we,?

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