Love Story

“Rejoice, O fortunate one. I have it in my power to grant three wishes! Go for it!”“No," she said, "I mean thanks and all that, but it's fine. I’m good,” Hazel replied. Sheila sat rapt in attention listening to author Neil Gaiman read his short story - October Tale. As the magical love story between... Continue Reading →

A Daughter’s Love

“Again, Papa, again!” “Sumi, enough beta. I’ve already read the book to you thrice. It’s 10:30 - go to sleep.” “Last time, Papa, pleeeeease... just one more time. I promise.” Sumi’s big brown eyes pleaded with invincible intent as she stared directly into Prakash’s loving gaze. They lay in her bed for the nightly ritual... Continue Reading →

The Gift

This story was written to the word prompt - Awake. A big thanks to Did You Write Today for the nudge and opportunity to create and write a story each week.                  The Gift.  “Twenty years we’ve been married, Amit! Twenty years! And you are still clueless about what... Continue Reading →

Poornam- Complete

This post is written to the word prompt "Complete" in a weekly contest organized by DYWT (Did You Write Today?) FB group. Though I do not know much Sanskrit, when I read the prompt, the shloka "Poornamadah Poornamidah" was all I could think of. I could hear the words reverbrating in my core. Poornam stands... Continue Reading →

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