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Of Motherhood & Google
Your eyes sparkle a carefree glint. You do not want the ride to end. I sit beside you, and I soak in every moment. There is a deluge of happiness…

The Whisper
Abhi stood in front of the mounted pyre, watching the flames rise high, every lick of the fire vying to outreach the next to stoke the barren summer sky to bear rain on the land, parched and arid, while it lapped up the charred remains of his father carrying the recently disembodied soul straight up to the heavens…

River Flows in You
Only then did I experience the joy she felt as the melody flowed from her heart to reverberate all through the chapel…

This is Why I Will Not Push My Teen to Take AP Classes
This time though, I listen with the ears of one who has been wizened by the drill of the college admission process. And this time I agree with all that the teachers have to say…

I’m Not As Smart As Google When It Comes To My Daughter’s Hair Care
I want to teach my daughter about how my culture cares for hair. She’d rather use Google…

So This is Love: I Am Just Like You, Mom
I call out to my child, ripe into the teenage years, an umpteen number of times. She does not respond…

Embrace Yourself
A childhood friend makes her recall her journey of discovering her true identity…

The Search Within My Soul
A recent chance encounter with an acquaintance led me to do a
soul search and think deeply about my life’s purpose…

Journey Of A Mother: Parenting Tips
Pained by her daughter’s decision to quit learning violin, Vidya Murlidhar realizes that as a parent her job was to help her children navigate their life path, and not decide the destination they should aim for. This taught her the art of parenting.

Fun is Simple
As a parent, all you can do for him is say a heartfelt prayer in desperation and hope that when the soft voice of the ever-smiling Dr. Bailly pronounces the word, it is one that your child knows. What you want is for your child to win…

The Making of a Diva
After a harrowing attempt at beautifying herself at a salon, Vidya Muralidhar discovers that true beauty is much more than facials and lipsticks

When Angels Sing
I grew up an anxiety-riddled teenager—an agnostic, skeptical of the ways of man and his God. What was this world He had created where despair flourished, where tyranny prevailed, and none felt safe?

Learning to Trust
Many of you will agree with the statement that, trust is a dwindling virtue these days…

When Diwali Met Halloween
Many years ago I was a young mother who walked a tightrope to find the cultural balance between my deep immigrant roots and my widespread American branches..

Gender Equality
Vidya Murlidhar introspects about how boys too can be the victims of stereotyping, just like girls, and makes a case for mutual respect and understanding between the sexes.

Spice Girl
I stood outside my teenage daughter’s room, livid. Bang! Maya slammed the door shut on my face…

The Healing Touch
Within their pages lay the solution to every problem I thought I would stumble upon on my journey to motherhood. All I had to do was parent by the book…

Sketched True: An Indian Mother’s Thoughts
In this essay on motherhood, author Vidya Muralidhar mulls over the pressure on mothers to always put themselves last.

Once Upon a Mumbai Monsoon Musing
When you grow up in Mumbai, the monsoons that drench the land leave an indelible impression on your heart. The sounds of the thunderous skies opening up, the sights of muddy rivulets carving their paths, and the smells of fried bhajiyas and hot pakoras make the monsoons unforgettable.

Tooth and Claw, Knee on Neck
In the dimming light of the late evening, his spotted coat blends in with the surroundings. Crouched low, he inches forward in stealth towards a herd of gazelles, who oblivious to the imminent danger, quench their thirst at the watering hole…

Poornam: An Emotional Arc
Emotions are universal bodily sensations while feelings are personal interpretations of emotions. Love, hunger, pain are feelings while anger, happiness, and disgust are emotions.

LOL – Love of Literature – Guests inspire Aspiring Authors

Insights into the processes of writing, editing, sending proposals, approaching literary agents and publishers, publication, marketing and royalty contracts and more.

Interview with author, blogger, teacher – Vidya Murlidhar.
Watch the interview here.

Show, Don’t Tell
I still remember the day in Mumbai when my husband had gently shared the news with his father about our move to Charlotte…

Show, Don’t Tell
I still remember the day in Mumbai when my husband had gently shared the news with his father about our move to Charlotte…

Learner for Life
I do not enjoy driving. Though the writer in me does enjoy drawing parallels between a car journey and life, driving is a skill I have come to learn out of sheer need…

Dungeons and Snipers
Will you choose to lose the chance to be the highest scorer of all — or risk giving up your life?

The Jacket
The wisp of heat the friction generates does not appease my body, which yearns for warmth. Even under layers of warm apparel, I feel the frosty air seep in.

Good Thing, Bad Thing, Who Knows?
The village I created for myself there was thriving. It was my silken cocoon. Breaking away from it bruised me all over.

Why I Finally Stopped Chasing The Best Mother Trophy
I was awestruck. She was a vision of perfection.  How could someone so tiny be so magnificent, so complete?   My heart filled with wonder, I made a decision…

How A Bad Day During New Motherhood Changed Me
It was a time when I could converse with exhausted, sleep deprived mothers dealing with the same woes as me…

I’ll Be There in Five Minutes, Sweetie
That day my aunt was explaining the correct usage of the words among and between to them…

Confessions of an Auntyji
This time though, I listen with the ears of one who has been wizened by the drill of the college admission process. And this time I agree with all that the teachers have to say…

The weekly interview: Vidya Murlidhar
The magic of words has fascinated people for decades and it has become a source of inspiration for many, no matter where they live or what they do….

Interview with Author Vidya Murlidhar
I write about the simple joys of everyday life and parenting…

Meet Vidya Murlidhar
All I knew was that I loved to write. But could someone who wrote about everyday life be considered a serious writer?

Bharat FM – Rubaru
Interview with author Vidya Murlidhar. (Video on YouTube)

Author Interview: Vidya Murlidhar
My advice to all aspiring authors would be to write from the heart. When you do that, it touches the reader…