Lesson to Myself

Even though mankind is so diverse, the one common thread that binds us all is the fact that deep within we all want to find love and acceptance. It doesn’t matter how old we are or where we come from, as long as we fit in we feel secure. For those who are different are at the risk of being judged. Yet isn’t it true that it is all the differences that makes the tapestry of life so colorful?

Variety truly is the spice of life. So let’s celebrate our differences rather than ponder and judge over another’s style: be it their actions, religion, fashion sense, parenting style or just lifestyle. Each of us is unique with our quirks and strengths. Our beauty lies in our imperfections and the world will be a happier place the sooner we learn to accept that…..

Ever thought about
How life would be
If everyone was perfect
As perfect as can be.
If every one of us would
Dress up alike
Sing in the same tune
And a similar voice.
If all of us would
Dance in glee
The very same step
To that one melody.
Or if we painted a picture
With the same brush stroke
No different hues
No variation in tones.
If all of us enjoyed
One flavor in food
The very same spice
We all thought to be good.
I just cannot imagine
A world such as that
No mountains, no valleys
So plain, no contrast.
Yet why do I strive
So hard every day
To convince others
To do as I say.
I judge, I blame
Someone dear to me
Because they choose to live
Albeit differently.
I sigh in disgust
Am quick to correct
To mould them
(In my eyes) To being perfect.
Wouldn’t life be easy
For all around me
If I learned to accept
And just let them be.
If I chose to look
At life with their eyes
I am deeply flawed too
Is what I would realize.
So now I accept not expect
And will continue to give
The best of myself
For as long as I live

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