From a Mother to a Son – To Be a Man

As a child growing up in Mumbai, I was deeply influenced by the legend of Shivaji. His stories made their appearance in the history books time and time again and the fact that most landmarks in Mumbai were renamed after him only helped endorse his greatness in my mind. What a remarkable story his is- with just a dream and a handful of trusted men in his armor, he went on to establish a powerful Maratha empire. The driving force behind this brave king was his mother, Jijabai, who not only taught him to dream big and pursue it, but also moulded him to be a courageous, respectful, compassionate, just king who ruled the hearts of his subjects.
Friends, let us raise ours sons to be masterpieces like she did. If our daughters are magnificent then our sons can be spellbinding too.

Son, my child, it’s time for you to step out into this world,
A place that has been described as a “cruel illusion” in words.

Yet it all depends on the lens from which you choose to view,
The world gives back what you give it, it’s just a reflection of you.

Choose fear and hate and you will see a sea of insecurity,
Choose love and kindness and you will find an ocean of divinity.

Remember every heart out here is out to seek contentment and bliss,
Every heart out here struggles to find the piece that is amiss.

So do not judge my son and learn to respect every soul
For all those who serve their time on earth are part of the same whole.

Stand up for the Truth my son; Speak up loud and clear,
Speak for those whose voice is drowned in silence by waves of fear.

Yet not always be brute to prove that you are right,
For fury comes to the faint at heart; Might is not always right.

Treat the women and children in your life with warmth and tenderness,
Abide by the promise you make to them;reign their hearts with truthfulness.

Dream big my child and remember when you set out on your quest,
True success is yours when you conquer your fears and up to Him leave the rest.

So not arms of steel,an iron fist or aggression make you a man
But honoring your word, a just heart and an attitude of “I can.”

And my child you have a sense of self – which is your ego,
Well…to be a man sometimes you just have to let it go.


  1. Vidu very well written. Soo soo true ! Sometimes it difficult to find yur own self unless life confronts yu with a situation !

    Regards, Supru

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  2. My dear Vidya,
    I enjoyed reading the poem. How nicely written for everyone who reads it to understand and appreciate!

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