A balmy day in late winter beckoned us to visit the hiking trails at Lake Norman. It was filled with laughter, the warmth of close friends and the palpable excitement of my furry baby to explore new terrain.

Steeped in stillness
Always ready to explore

As we walked, we came cross a short tree stump and a branch that grew out of it. So twisted and misshapen yet it’s very oddity is what drew us in and halted us in our tracks. How often do we humans try to cover up our imperfections? We spend lifetimes perfecting our selves to fit in and fail, but if just like nature we displayed and basked in the magnificence of our flaws, the very traits that set us apart -how liberating would it be!

Here are a few lines inspired by a tree limb that enchanted us all.

Arched, warped,
Through the sands of time
Sinewy, barren
Alone I stand
in a bed of fall
Rustling, brown
Stark contrast
To brethren around
Laden, unswerving
They follow the norm
touch the skies
Canopy the ground
While I stand alone
Bend at my whim
stretch and beguile
the beholder at will

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