Vidya Murlidhar



The written word has been my sacred anchor, steadying me through the journey of motherhood. It has helped me make sense of the chaos that reigns in my world, both Inner and outer. Writing has healed and empowered me. It has taught me to take flight while staying grounded, be a wide-eyed observer to the bustle without while reveling in the silence within and build bridges with other beating hearts.


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Rinni & Bo
Get ready for a heartwarming story of self-love and acceptance

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Join Grandpa & Ray in this timeless tale of a little boy & the delightful bond he shares with his grandfather. 

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If you want to get started on your writing journey and enjoy the plethora of benefits that writing has to offer, I would love for you to join me in one of my classes or workshops. All you need is something to write with, something to write on and a willingness to leap into a world filled with wonder!

Presentations & SEMINARS

I love connecting with young readers through author talks and have conducted presentations in schools all over Charlotte.

I also love sharing what I’ve learned on my journey to publishing and have given presentations on self publishing in libraries all over Charlotte.

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