Love Story

“Rejoice, O fortunate one. I have it in my power to grant three wishes! Go for it!”“No," she said, "I mean thanks and all that, but it's fine. I’m good,” Hazel replied. Sheila sat rapt in attention listening to author Neil Gaiman read his short story - October Tale. As the magical love story between... Continue Reading →

The First Word

Compliments of the season dear readers. It's the season to be jolly so here's a light story inspired by a beautiful friend and her precocious precious little daughter. Wishing you all lots of laughter in your life with each passing moment.... To, The Editor, The Washington Post. Dear Editor, I am an almost four-year-old boy,... Continue Reading →

A Woman’s World

She scrolled through the congratulatory messages that poured in from all over world  on her Samsung 74 , as she lay in bed that night. Her victorious spirit soared as if on a tequila high. Years of labor had finally borne fruit today, International Women's day 2024. Congress had finally passed the 'Equal pay for... Continue Reading →

Election 2016

We are at the finish line of this historic race, my friends. With agonizing impatience I watch the gap narrow between the two front runners as they both gain momentum. It’s unreal I say yet ‘In Godspeed’ I wish for the one I hope will make a difference.  The sad truth is I root for... Continue Reading →

And the Oscar goes to…

   This fairy tale post is dedicated to my dad whose unwavering affection and my son whose unwavering adulation give me the zeal to put in my best efforts in everything I do....                                         T’was the night of the Oscars                                   Stars on the ground                                   Radiant in celluloid splendor                                   Sashaying... Continue Reading →

The Martyr

                                              Of the multitude of roles that a woman plays in her lifetime, why is martyr the one she most often wears on her sleeve? This post is dedicated to my beautiful friends in Chicago who helped me keep my sanity during those crazy sleep deprived baby days. The Martyr Seema looked around the house and... Continue Reading →

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