To my dear family, friends and readers,

This blog is four years old today. A journey that began on a whim on my 40th birthday with the urge to peek below the surface of those mid-life emotions and touch the fragile and tender core of my heart has brought  much richness into my life – heartfelt connections with all of you, a published book in partnership with my “chaddi” buddy,  fun filled opportunities like author events, reading to precious little children and learning the craft from other fellow writers.

I have always loved to write but shied away from calling myself a writer until now. In this fast paced world where acronyms and emogees  transport your thoughts at a lightning pace, you have taken the time out to read my wordy essays and have truly made me a writer. For every article I have penned, I have received beautiful personal messages.

These words of encouragement are what keep me going. J K Rowling I may never be but I am now in a lovely space and I am where I am and what I am because of you.

So, thank you for being the wind beneath my wings as I dare to soar.

Author’s Note: Read my first published post – Set Her Free

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  1. Dear Vidya,
    Nicely written essay. I have forwarded to friends and relatives. God bless you!

  2. Vidya,

    The gratitude is also written beautifully! Loads of love ! Keep writing darling!

    Sent from my iPhone


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