The Festival of Lights

The light being symbolic of the divinity within each of us. The lighting of the lamp is ceremonious to igniting the light in our souls kindled by love, compassion and joy.

This Diwali as we clean out our homes to await the arrival of the Goddess of wealth, let us also clear the clutter in our minds.

As we indulge in the sweets let us also savor the goodness in our hearts.

Before we don on new garbs let us first don on an attitude of gratitude.

Amidst the din of fireworks let us take time to find peace and renew faith in our hearts.

From our hearts and home in Charlotte to your homes and hearts the world over…

Happy Diwali.


BG Cover Image Credits: Background vector created by starline – www.freepik.com
Namaste Icon Image Credit: namaskar image png 2


  1. Lovely as always Vidya…was scrolling down to see the poem associated with it..creature of habits we are :-). Hope you had a great diwali.

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