Soumyosundar Dutta

Soumyosundar Dutta is a 12-year-old rising seventh-grader who goes to Cuthbertson Middle School.

In his free time, Soumyo likes to play video games and read books.

He plays sports like Soccer and Tennis.

Soumyo is excited to continue his passion in writing.

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The Legend of Valkyrie 1

Valkyrie 1 was first launched by Space Center Intergalactic in the year 5000 to Mars, which hadn’t been colonized yet by the world. Valkyrie 1 had just launched with the best astronauts in the world: Private James Oliver, Lieutenant Xeno Hut, and General Marcus Garcia. 2 days into the mission, the astronauts reported that there were minor malfunctions and the fuel was being consumed faster; they were losing oxygen fast. On the tenth day of the mission, the crew had successfully reached mars and all of a sudden, we lost comms with Valkyrie. 

We did all we could to get comms back but nothing worked. On June 5, 5000, we declared that Valkyrie 1 had officially gone missing. The President declared a day of national mourning. But, I couldn’t believe it because the last words we heard from Valkyrie 1 was “we have landed, I repeat we have landed.” I discussed this with the Director of Missions, Arcelius Smith. He looked me in the eye and said, “Don’t mess this up, Miller.” 

I forgot to introduce myself. Hi, my name is Johnson Miller, Senior Director of the Valkyrie 1 space mission. Now I am tasked with bringing the Valkyrie 1 crew back from mars safely.

First, we had to create another spaceship: Valkyrie 2. But the problem was that we needed fuel and it would be going over our targeted budget. A few months later, our ship was getting docked for take off. We launched the rocket on a trajectory towards mars. Ten days later, the Valkyrie 2 crew and I landed a couple of miles away from the Valkyrie 1 landing point. I stepped foot on mars and saw the vast scenery of gargantuan mountains, plateaus, and much more. I called out to my team saying “Let’s get a move on.” We moved in the direction of the landing. A couple of miles later, we found a piece of a broken spacesuit. I called back to mission control saying, “If Valkyrie’s crew is still alive then god bless them.”

After walking in the direction of the debris for 10 minutes, we found an antenna and what looks to be Valkyrie 1! We reported back to mission control: “We have eyes on the prize! I repeat we have eyes on the prize!” I could hear mission control jeering in the background on comms. We went closer to the ship and saw Garcia, Xeno, and James working on a small plot of agriculture they built inside their ship. I hollered out “Hey, Garcia, Xeno, James!” and to my relief they hollered back “Director?” 

“Yes,” I said.

“Long time no see, Director,” Garcia said.

“We’re here to take you all back to earth! We are so glad you are alive!” I said. “Our ship isn’t far from here. We leave tomorrow at O200.” 

Everyone replied, “Sir yes Sir!”

At dinner James explained to us what had happened to Garcia when they landed.

He said, “When we landed, there was a storm. The storm broke the antenna, which destroyed comms with mission control. What the antenna also did was break some of Garcia’s suit which made Garcia pass out. We took him back inside the spacecraft. And here we are now.” 

One of my crew said “Wow man! That must have been scary!” 

James replied, “Yeah, it was.” 

The next day, we headed back in the rover to Valkyrie 2. We launched into orbit and headed home.