Shruthi Prabagar

Hello! My name is Shruthi Prabagar, and I am a rising 8th grader.

I enjoy painting, drawing, paper quilling, journaling and like to read books packed with action, investigation and adventure.

Helping people is what I  like to do, my writing reflects compassion and benevolence.

I feel creative writing gives us the freedom to describe events in our own and unique perspective.

I hope the stories I write will inspire others too!

My publications

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The Ancient Tree

A small ginger cat was walking through a quiet forest filled with bright, colorful flowers and old oak trees.

As the cat walked through the lush green grass something caught its eye. It was a butterfly with elegant wings of the color royal blue. The butterfly started to flutter away so the ginger cat decided to chase after it.

They started to near one of the oldest trees in the forest which was covered with vines that had flowers blooming on them. There was a noise coming from the tree which sounded like a slight weeping sound.

Out of curiosity the cat slowly placed each paw forward until it reached the tree, and then realized the sound was coming from behind it. The weeping became louder and louder until the cat found out the source of the noise.

There was a small girl with brunette hair in two small braids, brown eyes, and tears streaming down her face onto her dusty clothes. She was quite startled when she realized she had company. The girl in an irritated voice asked, “Why are you here?” as she wiped the tears off her face. The cat said, “I’m sorry for startling you, my name is Leo. I heard you crying and want to know why you were.” “I got picked on at school, someone called me ugly and the whole class started laughing at me” the girl responded. Leo paused for a moment and said, “How rude! I think you are beautiful!”

The girl grinned, “you really think so?” “Of course!” “Well, I think you look like a gorgeous bright orange butterfly! I am Amber by the way.”

Amber and Leo continued to complement each other until sundown when Amber said she had to leave.

Each and every day after that they met up at the spot where they met and talked about how their day was and named the spot The Ancient Tree.