Sameeya Vasan

Hi! My name is Sameeya, and I am a writer and avid daydreamer.

I like books that are either full of action and extremely humorous, like the Sal and Gabi series or basically any book by Rick Riordan.

I also enjoy writing a lot because it is a way you can find joy, be creative, and travel to other places (some real, some we wish were real…). And it doesn’t matter if your book isn’t a New York Times Bestseller–writing is for everyone, and can be about anything!

To close it all off, here’s a wonderful quote about writing (from one of my favorite podcasts!)

“There is no such thing as fiction. Just non-fiction written in the wrong parallel universe.”Night Vale Podcast

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Conspiracy Theories/The Mad Science Teacher

“Our new teacher is a mad scientist.”

This was the first thing my BFF, Kayla, says to me this morning. Kayla is a conspiracy theorist, and has a lot of crazy theories, like that the principal is part of the Illuminati, the cafeteria ladies plan on creating an epidemic of food poisoning, or that the school counselor and her therapy dog are vampires.

“I’m serious, Riya.” Kayla said. “I heard her. On the day before Halloween, she plans on creating a potion to turn the students into monsters. Then she’ll use us on a plot to take over the world! I heard her talking on the phone to her assistant!”

“Ooh, what are you talking about?” My twin, Kareema, comes by and asks.

“Kayla has another conspiracy theory,” I reply.

“What is it?”

I tell her the conspiracy theory.

“But what if it is true?” Kayla says. “I’m planning on sneaking in and stopping her.”

“Kayla, you’re going to get into trouble if you do that.” I reply.

“Whatever, I’m still going. Better safe than sorry.”

“I’m coming too!” Kareema volunteers. Kareema loves exciting things, and hates it when she can’t attend something cool.

I sigh. “I guess I’m coming too.”

The day before Halloween, Kareema and I tell Mom and Dad that we are going to Kayla’s house. Similarly, Kayla tells her parents that she is going to our house. On the way , I notice some things. Today and Tomorrow are full moon days. A black cat crosses our path. It is getting really dark. 

“Um, guys….” I say. “I think there are a lot of bad luck omens today. Let’s go home.”

“But what if Kayla’s right? We are all in danger then!” Kareema counters.

Going inside is even worse. We have to sneak in through cramped vents. It is the most traumatic experience, especially because Kayla’s foot keeps hitting my forehead. The vents are also home to thousands of cobwebs, and I swear I see a black widow spider. I am glad when we come out. 

In the science lab, I see our teacher stirring something green in a cauldron shaped pot. My friends do too. And the next thing that comes out of our mouths was a chorus of screams. Our perplexed and slightly annoyed teacher opens the door and stares at us.

“What are you doing here!” She screams.

My mouth goes slack from fear, but Kayla squeaks, “You’re a mad scientist planning to turn all the students into monsters!”

The teacher’s jaw drops. And then she laughs. “Where in the world did you think that?”

“I heard you say that on the phone! And now you are mixing a potion!”

The teacher cackles hysterically. 

“That was the plot of a movie we were going to show you tomorrow! I was telling that to my sister, who never saw the movie.”

I interfere. “But what about that green thing you are mixing?”

“That’s a kale-avocado-celery smoothie that I was planning to give you all tomorrow, cuties!”

I glare at Kayla. “You really need to get a hobby other than conspiracy theories.”

Our teacher escorts us out of the building, and we go home.

A week later, Kayla comes to my locker.

“You know that new kid in our class? He’s a WEREWOLF!”

*insert facepalm*. THE END.

Ace’s Tale

One Friday in 8th grade, Nika’s best friends, Ace and Mehr, came running to her. Mehr was rolling her eyes while Ace was rushing.

“I know what happened to all the pets!” Ace announced. A few days ago, all of the pets in the town had vanished, and no one knew where they went.

“What?” Nika asked. Nika didn’t usually trust Ace with news, despite the fact that Ace worked for the school newspaper. Ace would believe anything; if a koala told him there would be an alien invasion, Ace would start building safety bunkers.

“They joined a cult!”

“A pet cult? Ace, this is why you shouldn’t be a reporter. Who told you that?” Nika asked.

“He claims he saw it himself, but I’m pretty sure he heard it from his little sister,” Mehr replied.

“Nika, Mehr, this could be an amazing discovery for all of us! Maybe we could get all of our pets back!”

“You know, maybe he could be right…” Nika acknowledged.

Mehr protested. “Since when had Ace been right, Nika? We could get in trouble!”

“Just…lets try it out.”

Ace gave them a location, and the three found themselves in an alley at 7:00 in the night.

“Ummm…so what do we do?” Mehr asked. 

“Wait,” Ace replied, pulling out his beanie and putting it on.

They waited for what seemed like five hours. During this time, Mehr had been tapping her foot in boredom, Ace had fallen asleep 5 times, and Nika wished she could pull out her phone and watch YouTube videos. But Ace said that would scare the pets away. When midnight finally came, the group was very tired. All of a sudden, there was a stampede, and hundreds of dogs and cats gathered in the crowded alley. One dog, a border collie, came up and held a thick book, and with a cue, the dogs started making howling noises and mewls and squeaks, so much that it hurt Nika’s ears. 

“Umm…sir? What is going on? Why is everyone screaming?” Nika couldn’t help but ask.

The pets stopped and stared at the three humans. A cat tried to leap at Mehr, but was held back by an old dog. The border collie, which was clearly annoyed, made some gestures, and when Mehr pointed out, “How are we supposed to understand that?”, the annoyed collie just handed the book over. Surprisingly, it also had an English translation.

“Its…an old festival that lasts for a week,” Ace read. “Once every thousand years, animals leave their owners and join this festival. So that’s why they’ve been missing,” he mused.

The border collie, huffing, picked up the book and continued the ceremony, while two burly Great Danes escorted the children out. As they walked back home, Nika called, “Ace?”

Ace looked back, “Yeah?”

Nika held a finger in his face. “Don’t ever make me go through that again!”

“Agreed”, Mehr replied tiredly.

Ace just shrugged in response.