Rayan Ghoshal

Hi, my name is Rayan Ghoshal. I am 10 years old and I love playing chess, soccer, and guitar.

I am a rising 5th grader at Polo Ridge elementary.

I also like to write poems occasionally.

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Your hands press down on every fret,
strumming faster than a jet,
You tune your guitar, plug in the amp,
When you play, you feel like a champ,
Your hands slide across the neck so long,
You express yourself in a song,
You play a song and rock and roll,
What you play is your heart and soul!

The Wall

You’re almost done ‘til you meet a wall,
You try to climb but it’s too tall,
You walk around but it never ends,
You kick and punch yet is doesn’t bend,
You try to dig and dig below it,
buy you just find you’re in a pit,
So you look up and it’s growing tall,
When it looks down on you, you seem so small,
You try and try ’til you don’t know what to do,
You tire yourself out and you don’t have a clue,
So you muster courage and just stand tall,
And you slowly begin to climb that wall.