Nandhana Ramesh

Hi!! My name is Nandhana Ramesh, and I go to J. M. Robinson Middle School.

I have a wide ranging list of hobbies, including baking, reading, biking, and playing piano. In the future, I hope to expand on these passions and turn them into something that can help the world around me.

I think art, including writing, has the potential to inspire and change us and our peers, beyond what many think. That is what keeps me going!

My publications

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The Mad Scientist

I went into the science lab, only to discover a mad scientist concocting a secret potion.

One stormy night I was driving to the University Science Lab to deliver a paper. Heavy rain poured on my windows as the windshield wipers frantically tried to clear it. I eventually pulled over to the deserted parking lot, thunder booming overhead. I entered the building, my skin tingling for an unknown reason. I went into the science lab, only to discover a mad scientist concocting a secret potion. My heart skipped a beat. Shocked,  I quickly hid behind the counter, hoping he wouldn’t hear me. I looked around. To the side of me was a substance, bubbling and fizzing. Suspicious of its effects, I inched away from it. I held my breath, as pungent fumes arised from the mad scientist’s concoctions as he continued to blend and combine multicolored liquids.

I stayed there for about an hour, devising an escape plan. I had no luck. How would I manage to sneak out without him noticing? After hours of contemplation, I stood up from behind the counter. He didn’t seem to notice me. How odd- I was standing there in plain sight! I quickly raced out the door, my heart beating out of my chest.  The mad scientist didn’t even look up.

I glanced at my palms and gasped. I was transparent! I blinked and looked again, but I still couldn’t see anything but the brick walls surrounding me. I realised it must have come from the vapors in the lab. I simply could not believe it- I was invisible! I laid a hand on the wall-it didn’t pass through. That would be a problem. What if I bumped into someone and they couldn’t see me? After a while, the prospect of being invisible went from being shocking, to exciting, then to frightening. What if I was stuck like this for the rest of my life?

I walked out the door into the still-empty parking lot, and drove home in eerie silence. Hopefully no one saw a car driving itself. Trying to bring less attention to myself, I quietly walked out of the car and sprinted up my front yard. As I twisted the key to open the front door, my eyes flew open. It had all been a dream.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears in Iceland

One foggy day Goldilocks ventured out from her igloo in search of adventure. After a few hours of walking across the slippery ice she came across a row of thick icicles and mist obscuring a large and extravagant igloo. Goldilocks, filled with excitement, went into the igloo without thinking of the consequences. 

While walking into the igloo, she caught a whiff of the unmistakable smell of fish stew. She realised how hungry she was from walking for so long, and decided to eat a bite here. The first bowl of stew was too salty. The next was too hot. The third however, was perfect, according to Goldilocks’ taste buds. She was so hungry that she ate the whole bowl of stew.

Her next adventure in the igloo  was going to the living room where there was a small array of comfy chairs. Despite wearing a thick coat, she felt quite cold so she decided to curl up on the biggest armchair. However, she found this one too hard for her liking. The next was much too squishy. The third one was perfect, but a bit small, and immediately broke under her weight. 

Ignoring this mishap, Goldilocks instead searched for the bedroom because she was feeling quite sleepy after eating all that stew. She found a room filled with three hammocks. She tried all three. The first one was too large, and she struggled to get out of it. The second hammock was too slippery, and she kept slipping around it if she tried to turn to one side. The third hammock was perfect, and Goldilocks soon fell sound asleep inside it. 

The Polar bears that lived in this igloo had gone out for a walk to find some berries. However, baby bear had gotten tired so they decided to turn back. When they entered the igloo, the polar bears knew that something was amiss. The fish stew that they had made before was either half eaten or completely gone! Mama bear and papa bear comforted a disappointed and hungry baby bear, and told him that he could take some rest in his hammock while waiting for them to cook another meal. When he was walking towards the bedroom however, he saw his chair completely broken! He called mama bear and papa bear to see. They searched around the igloo for clues to who it might be. In the bedroom, in baby bear’s hammock, was a girl! The polar bears were shocked. Realising their presence, Goldilocks gasped, then leapt to her feet and dashed through the igloo as fast as she could.