Namish Mayank

Hello, my name is Namish Mayank. I am 11 years old, and I love to write about almost anything!

I love using my creativity in my writing pieces!

When I grow up, I want to become a businessman and also an author that writes books for kids.

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The World’s Most Disgusting Sandwich

“Hmmm,” Violet said. “Looks like I am going to take a zoom class on how to make some sort of sandwich.” 

“Hello class! Today we are going to make the world’s most disgusting sandwich in the world! You are going to need some mouthwash, 1 bottle, some dirt, 1 cup, some mud, 1 cup, some sandwich buns, 2 buns and some parsley, 3 pieces. I’ll give you a minute to get all your stuff.” Since Violet had a laggy internet connection, she didn’t hear the part where he said “The Most Disgusting Sandwich in the World ” And since she had no common sense, she got all the stuff she needed, and settled down to start the lesson.

“No time to waste. First, take your buns, and pour the bottle of mouthwash on it, slowly by slowly so that the bun will soak in the liquid. This is used to get a minty flavor. Using mints is too old.”

Violet did as she was told, but spilled half of the bottle on her shirt.

“Next,” the man continued. “Make the mud so that it covers the whole bun up, and then add a little bit more mouthwash.” Again, Violet did that as well. “This is a very odd looking sandwich. Must be the newest edition,” she thought.

The man continued. “Chop the parsley into small bits and pieces, and jab them into the sandwich. Add the dirt. It will be your salt. We’re done. You should totally not eat the sandwich, you will totally not die. Goodbye.”

“Oh well, this sandwhich looks so good to eat, and that man said that I wouldn’t die. Here it goes.” “Munch Crunch Munch” And under one second, she ran to the bathroom.” And she was never seen again.

Her husband came in a few minutes later. What happened here?! He looked at the sandwich and picked it up. Must be the newest edition of the McDonalds Macs. “Uh, oh” he said.  “Wait a second. Isn’t macs spelled scam spelled backward?”


Coronavirus came all the way from China,
Now it is all the way here in Carolina!
We started panicking,
And stopped traveling,
We started buying hand sanitizer,
But the prices just got higher!
Wearing masks was terrible, you see,
As it was very hard to breathe!
Then we started online school
But it was not cool!
Coronavirus caused a lot of death
I’d rather smell a stinky breath!
But now we have our beautiful vaccine
And now we don’t have to quarantine!