Isha Obulareddy

My name is Isha Obulareddy. I am 9 years old and in the 3rd Grade.

I have a younger sister named Tanvi, amazing parents, a lot of friends and 6 glow fish!

I love crafting! My favorite animal is the shark, my favorite color is aqua! I also love ketchup and trying new things.

My publications

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Jack and Jill (REUNITED!)

One day, when Jack and Jill were coming back from the well, they saw a marigold sprout! They ran quickly to it , and almost plucked it out, but a voice said, “Jack and Jill, you have now found the Magnipoda, take it to the Eastern Kingdom!” Jack had no idea what or where the voice came from so, just to be sure, he carefully picked up the Magnipoda (without breaking its stems) and they headed off to the Eastern Kingdom!

After a while Jack said, “Jill, the Magnipoda is growing!” Jill said, “Okay, lets keep going.” Soon they reached Carsen, the Eastern Kingdom! They saw a man and asked, “Where do we go to find King Soren?” The man replied, “Go north, find Chichi Lane,  head west- 2 blocks- and you shall have reached the palace!” “Thank you!” Jack and Jill shouted as they hurried following the man’s directions. First, Jack and Jill found Chichi lane, and headed west! 

After a few minutes they found the palace! They hurried in and found King Soren on his royal throne! Jack took a bow, and Jill made a small curtsey. Jack said” Oh mighty king…” “We have the Magnipoda! Jill finished up. King Soren looked astonished! “Jack, Jill, my children! I am the voice you heard! I tried finding you, after I realized you were lost, I sent the Magnipoda!” Jack and Jill ran to the royal throne and hugged their father!

After that day King Soren, Jack, and Jill lived happily, ever after!

My Unusual House

Hello everybody! Today I am going to give you a tour of my future Dream House!

First, if you want to come to my house, you need to know how to swim, because my house is underwater! When you come to my house make sure to love all sea creatures, even scary ones, because my house is shaped like a shark!

Also, my house is made with glass, so when you come in, make sure not to break the glass or else the water would come in! My house has 3 floors so many people can come in at one time!

You also might enjoy my house because it has an underwater art studio and slides instead of stairs!

Hope you enjoyed my Dream house!

My Poem

Jake, a clerihew!
I know a guy named Jake!
He really loves his rake!
He rakes up all the leaves!
More than what he receives!
My very funny list poem!
There was and apple and a pear,
And a big, fat, ugly bear!
He saw a little doll,
And a really big ball!
It looks like you have a fever,
But not a single beaver!
I think your check-ups done,
But make sure to eat a bun!