Bhargav S

Hi, My name is Bhargav and I am 11 years old.

I love writing because you can imagine anything and inspire it to other people.

I live in Charlotte, NC. My favorite hobby to do during my free time is play video games. I love to help my family with anything.

My goal is to save planet earth and all the living things there like mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians, insects, etc. So please help me with that. And

As I say “Never put off till tomorrow what can be done today”.

I don’t like cartoons like most kids do. But I like my little pony. I like to watch Sci-Fi, Crime, Thriller, Mystery, and Actions. One of my favorites is Scarface 1983 Starring Al Pacino.

I also want to have a pet in my house in the future.

So that is all about me.
Thank you for reading

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Math Genius

Hi, my name is Sean. I am 13 years old. I love math so much I consider it my favorite.

The thing is though, I am abnormal, but not in a bad way, A good way. I am the world’s smartest kid. You wanna know how. I don’t go to school, I spend 6 hours studying on the weekdays. Every 30 minutes, I review each grade and it’s math. It could be fractions or decimals or something.

The problem is, my parents don’t want me to go to college yet, but they are sending me to 8th grade. That was not really related to my standards. I kind of feel bad for being a math savant because it just makes the kids in my class feel sad that how come he is smart, but I am not. It was an unprecedented fact for them.

Jayden (a kid in my class) told Mr. Cunningham (Our teacher) this “Sean should not be in this class, he has to be in college.” “Yeah! ’’ Everybody exclaimed. “Sean, is this true?” asked Mr.Cunningham. “Yes Mr. Cunningham” I replied back to him. “I  should not be in this class at all.

The principal called me and my family for an academics meeting. It is related to myself being a savant. “Dear Mr and Mrs. Santy’’, the principal started. “ I wanted to tell you that Sean Is an amazing student, but you have to send him to college. I am sorry. The fact is that Sean makes other students feel sad and feel like they are not part of the class. And not only it affects other students, but it affects your son too. He will feel bored having the same things again and again. I know this is weird having to send your son to college at an early age, but I am sorry. That is the best option’’. “Alright, I will try an university if possible”, My parents replied before concluding this meeting. My parents realized that you should always know that if your kid is very smart, send him to a place which is for smarts.

It doesn’t matter how old you are to tell which grade you should be. It is about how you work hard.

Happy Birthday Your Majesty

“Mwah, another three days. I am so excited.” thought the king. “For what?” asked the king’s servant. “Oh you buffoons”, bullied the king. “It’s my birthday’’. “Oh right,” thought  the servant. “Let me prepare your big meal for your birthday”. And so the king drove off to the kitchen.

The king was in his spa, getting a massage. “Aah what a massage. I want to do this for the full day.”, the king relaxed. “Wait a full day. Ma’am, I want you to massage me for the full day on my birthday.  That is my wish.” The king gave a “please” look to the lady. “Alright, how long?’’ Asked the lady “Umm, half a day should be fine”, replied the king. “Thank you’’. 2 days have passed and the king wanted to make an announcement before his birthday. “Dear ladies and gentlemen,” started the king. “I wanted to say that tomorrow is my birthday and I won’t be taking care of the kingdom tomorrow. I want you all to protect it safely. It is just one day. Sorry about it”.

The king left without saying a word. Time passed and soon his birthday came. Oh my god, I am so excited. The King started his day off with a humongous breakfast. With cinnamon rolls, turkeys, macrons, mac and cheese, and lots and lots of tasty treats, the king was so satisfied. After breakfast, he cleaned his mouth and went to the spa to relax.

It was until lunch when there was quite less than he had for breakfast, This time mashed potatoes, beef, french fries, and more tasty lunches including some desserts.

During that same day, there was a robber in town going and stealing from innocent people. Everybody was standing in front of the king’s palace and chanting “Stop the robber, Stop the robber”. The king was getting a headache. “Would you stop it!”, yelled the king. “I am getting a headache.” One of the men told them “There is a robber in town stealing from all of us. Many people are becoming homeless and we don’t have enough gold coins to help our family. They have even stolen from some of the rich people. Now we are all beggars. Please help us king.” “Ugh, I told you it is my birthday and I can’t help anyone. I am on break!” exclaimed the king. “You are selfish king”, they all chanted. “Stupid civilians”, bullied the king. “Not letting me live in peace. They don’t listen to me. When I said no it’s no.” The king was angry at what the civilians did to him. “Wait”, thought the king. “Am I selfish?” “Ok guards, assemble”, the king commanded. “Yes your majesty”, the guards replied.

And they assembled. But then the king realized something. His next target was him. “Oh no” thought the king. The kind heard footsteps. “It must be the robber”, thought the king. The window opened. “Ahahahaha” chuckled the robber. “You can’t get me. Hahahahaha. “Guards arrest him.” commanded the king. “What”, thought the robber

“Noo! I will get you king”. The king realized something. Just because it is your birthday doesn’t mean you have to be selfish. You still have to be the same, no matter what.