Agastya Rao

My name is Agastya Rao. I am 9 years old.

I go to Weddington Elementary School.

My publications

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Nasreq Person Saves the Day!

Once upon a time, there was a person named Nasreq Person. He was good at Violin. Then Anthony Bishop, another musician, accused him of stealing his music. So, he challenged him to a duel. 

Nasreq’s weapon was a sword. Anthony’s were gloves that increased his strength. Then they dueled. Nasreq hit Anthony with his sword. Then Anthony hit Nasreq back with his strength enhancing gloves. Nasreq was knocked back into a wall. He was hurt but didn’t show it. Nasreq got back up and hit Anthony back. They kept fighting and with each blow they dealt, there was more and more damage. They were destroying the city with their fighting.

Finally, Nasreq hit Anthony so hard that his shirt caught on fire. Nasreq had finally won and Anthony had lost! Nasreq had saved his reputation and the city. He was a hero!