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From a mother to a daughter

Each of our children is born with extraordinary strengths. As parents the best thing we can do for our children is to guide them towards finding out what makes them truly happy.More important for our daughters because as women we struggle with putting ourselves first before everyone else. We lose our identities trying to perfect our roles as mothers,wives,sisters,daughters and friends and then spend a lifetime trying to feel good about ourselves. We hope getting into shape,being able to wear trendy clothes and accessorizing with the brands will make us happy. Being happy is an attitude though that you develop when you are truly in love with yourself. You could be wearing an exquisite Armani gown and feel quite good or you could be lounging in your pajamas and feel ravishing. It’s all about loving yourself truly and deeply….

From a Mother to a Daughter

A wise mom once called her girl
Held her close and whispered to her,
You are a young lady now
A beautiful, precious flower.

Strong,Spirited, intelligent
With a spark that shines so bright,
That dreams so high of reaching
The stars twinkling at night.

These dreams are your passion
Your passion is your strength you see,
They are what make you who you are
Give you your identity.

Hold onto those dreams child
Never let that spirit fade,
That inner spark is worth more any day
Than any diamond,ruby or jade.

Live every moment deeply
You will reflect true joy,
No shimmering make-up will compare
To the radiance in your eyes,

Nurture your soul with love
You will reflect peace
No bling in fashion will ever compare
To an aura so serene.

Immerse yourself in kindness
Spread compassion about,
No softening cream will ever compare
To the tenderness in your heart.

Be in touch with your inner self
Always love yourself true,
No wine in the world will compare
To the high you get being you.

And as you walk down the road
Many ties may bind you down,
Forget not you are the Queen of your fate
Never let go of that crown.

Remember no man or person in time
Or a trip to a spa of any kind,
Can make you feel as special
As you can in your own mind.

– Vidya.


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We live in tumultuous times. Most of us use Religion and God as anchors to steady us in turbulent waters. I remember sincerely chanting the”Hanuman Chalisa” every time I had a major exam ( which at that age was turbulence) and visiting the temple promptly when the results were due. Truly a shallow act. I now realize being religious should be akin to being spiritual.Believing in the goodness and generosity of the Universal Power is more profound than blindly following the rituals . Rituals do guide us ,yes….but it’s the unflinching faith in the Supreme Power that navigates us in treacherous waters. This I have learnt from my parents who are deeply spiritual but not at all ritualistic. I have learnt more from watching them live their lives in gratitude and faith than I have in the religious classes I used to attend as a child. I don’t have to visit the temple to prove my devotion I can do it right here at home in my heart if I live by the principles of love ,compassion,service and gratitude. This is the legacy I want to pass on to my kids…


“Mother,what is religion?”
My child asked me one day
“Is it just different ways
To worship Him and pray?”

“And what do they ask for when they pray
Do they ask for riches more?
Fame? Beauty? Stardom?
Mansions? Wealth galore?”

“Child,Religion is more than just a prayer,
It is an inner discipline,
The way in which you live your life
When you surrender to Him.

Religion is about having Faith,
Accepting what comes your way,
Knowing all happens for the best,
And being grateful every day.”

“Mother ,doesn’t religion teach you to look away
From one who’s not your own,
Don’t all wars start in His name
When hearts are filled with scorn?”

“Child,the essence of every religion
Is all just the same
All teach about loving humanity
They just give it different names.

They could not be farther from the truth,
When they argue and fight,
Or worse still kill in His name,
To prove that they are right.”

And it’s not when they read the texts,
Or sing songs in His praise,
But when they fill their hearts with love,
That they receive His Grace.

So one who’s true to his Religion,
Will be one who’s good and just,
One who’s kind to his fellow men,
And worthy of their trust.

And when he sits in prayer child,
He will ask to be blessed
With compassion and kindness
Not with riches or wealth.

After all,our souls sing in unison,
Our hearts beat in rhythm,
No matter what our religion,
We are all reflections of Him.

– Vidya.


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From the eyes of a child

Mommy!!! Daddy!!!

It’s late in the night,

Please stop screaming,

Please don’t fight.


My  body is trembling,

I am terrified so,

I feel  like I am sinking,

Into an abyss below.


All I want for you to do,

Is hold me in your arms,

Tell me a funny story,

Or sing me a song.


I know you both love me,

And want for me what’s best,

Yet when you fight like you do,

It brings out the worst in me instead.



Mom ,I know you are tired,

From driving me all day,

From school to swimming

To Art and ballet.


Dad ,I know you are tired ,

From working extra hours,

To buy me the latest gadgets,

And Mom a brand new car.


But ,Mommy all I wanted

Was to be with you all day.

Read a book, paint a picture

Or just sit down and play.


And Daddy I ‘ll  be just as happy

Without the new toys,

Crayons and a ball,

Would bring me just as much joy.


So tomorrow come home early,

Let’s all go to park,

Where I can run around freely,

Until it’s after dark.


Then together we’ll have dinner,

On a table set right,

I promise I’ll eat my vegetables,

And will not waste a bite.


Now don’t fight Mommy and Daddy

Let’s all curl up in bed,

Play tickle monster with me,

Or  have a pillow fight instead.


Having you by my side,

Is all that I need,

To make my world perfect

And memories memorable indeed.






















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Set her free

Raising kids is never easy. When my kids were little I thought my life would be simplify itself when they were old enough to feed ,bathe, clothe and entertain themselves. Little did I realize that when I did make these mundane decisions for them I also had much more influence over them. I fed them what I thought was healthy,made sure they dressed for the weather and got enough sleep.I knew all their buddies and loved them as my own. That memorable time didn’t last long though. As they grew ,so did their resistance to my opinions. Now that they are teens I know that though they do love me ,they are at their happiest best I when I am not around. They make a lot of decisions on their own and I often left to fret and wonder if they will make the right choices. It is truly hard to let go…….



I prayed to the Father

In anguish one day

My little girl has grown And wants to go her way.”


Her path looks treacherous

With dangerous turns

At times too slippery

How can she walk alone?


How can I let her

On an unknown path?

How will I protect her

If she goes too far?



Will I reach in time

To soothe her pain

Every time she is hurt

On that rocky terrain.


I’ve carved my own way

Smoothened it out

All she needs to do is follow

Never will she fall.”


“My child,”said the Lord

” Know without a doubt

Journey to the Self

Is what the path is all about.


On their path one discovers

Their passions true

Their purpose in life

What they are meant to do.


So no two journeys can be one

Each will have their own

Even a mother and child

Will walk theirs alone.


Her heart will be her guide

Be her beacon of light

Shine brightly on her path

Show her what’s right.


Yes,at times she may wander

Drift to another path

But will be back on her own

When she follows her heart.


She may stumble,trip

And hurt herself

But will soon learn to rise

Without your help.


Every fall that she takes

Will be a lesson learned

She will reach her goal

Leaving no stone unturned.



She will blossom ,grow

Into a being so fine


Strong and kind.


High above in the sky

Will she soar

The rocks on the ground

Will bother her no more.


Know I will watch her

Every step of the way

I will be by her side

Every moment of  the day.


Have faith in me child

Set her free

So she can be as magnificent

As she was destined to be.














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