Vidya Murlidhar is an author, an essayist, and a teacher who lives in Charlotte, NC with her family. Having grown up in Mumbai, India her writing carries the flavor of her homeland and she hopes the seasoning in it will tickle the heartstrings of her readers, just as much as the spices from a curry do. Her work has appeared in Chicken Soup For The Soul, Mothers Always Write, Grown And Flown, Life Positive, Saathee, India currents and other places. Find them here under the featured articles tab of the blog. Vidya conducts creative writing workshops for children ages 10-18. When she’s not writing or teaching, she enjoys going on walks with her dog Leo, practicing yoga and meditation, baking with her kids, dancing and volunteering with Ekam USA. Shakthi Corp, and Love For The Elders.

To find out more about the classes offered check the classes and workshop tab or fill out the form below.

Watch my journey to being a writer here :


Mrs. Murlidhar has been the best help anyone could ask for. When my school told me this year that I would be graduating, I was dumbfounded. I didn’t know what to do or where to even start looking. Mrs. Murlidhar was there to help me through the whole essay writing process. Writing a college application… Continue Reading →

Asvath Prabagar – student.

Vidya  is an excellent professional , skillful teacher / writer . Recently my son attend her college essay workshop , was very useful and informative . She touch all the areas regarding the essay writing and explain very well in details . Much interactive and clarifies all the questions with lot of patience too …. Continue Reading →

Vimala Joseph – Parent

I loved working with Vidya Aunty/ Mrs. Murlidhar! She is the kindest and most encouraging mentor. She takes the time to get to know her students and connect with them and help them write their unique story in the most organic way possible. From brainstorming to editing, she has guided me at every step. Working… Continue Reading →

Shrishti – Student.

Writing essays is not something I enjoy . It is usually the last thing I would attempt. Ms. Vidya was not only friendly , she helped me reach my thoughts and put them on paper. Most importantly, she guided us to find those thoughts/ feelings/ characteristics about us ourselves and that is what I liked… Continue Reading →

Adrian – student

I was a passive listener on these sessions. Ms.Vidya has a very soft calming voice and she approached the sessions as a friend .The kids seemed to open up quite well and I am sure they did some soul searching to know more about themselves in addition to learning how to present themselves to the… Continue Reading →

Gladys – Parent.

It was a pleasure to be part of your workshop these two days, where you subtly inspired each of us to know ourselves better!Your brainstorming activities have evoked a lot of thinking and compelled us to go into one’s own history and look at events with different perspectives.The students got to know how to write… Continue Reading →

Teachers at Orchid School, Pune.

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